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April 2016 | A Message from the President

April 02, 2016 3:27 PM | Crystal Reynolds

When Trish gave me the gentle nudge to step up in line to be President after her, my first thought was – no, I can’t do that job!…I’m not good enough. I was comfortable in my position on the Board as news editor and I made every excuse I could think of. But in the end, and after a lot of thought, I found that she was right. It was time to step out of the box I had put myself into and get out of my comfort zone.

However, without a few stepping stones and turns in the path that were laid out before me, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I would like to take a moment to share these pivotal moments with you and to thank those that shaped my path.

First, I would like to thank my husband, Korri, for supporting me from the very beginning (and telling me to open a studio or quit the hobby of photography, before I spent all his money buying toys and film, 11 years ago).

I would also like to thank the incredible team of people that make up the Board of Directors and Committees of the MPPA, for their support and friendships. And I want to thank Trish, for that gentle push, and for telling me that I AM good enough. She has set the bar high but I’m ready to follow in her footsteps and make this year a great one.

When I joined the MPPA about 9 years ago, I was not an outgoing person. I tended to stay in the corners and listen to conversations without really participating… too shy to put myself out there. It was people like Alan Boutot, Harvey Bell, and Dan Rodrigue that ALWAYS, from the day I met them, greeted me with a warm smile and a big hug, like I was a part of their family. And Mark Haskell, who welcomed me at every program I attended with a “Hi there, kiddo”…although I’m sure this endearment was used because he could never remember my name those first few years, it always made me feel like I was home. Without these key people and their warm welcome, I wouldn’t have continued to be active in the MPPA… and I wouldn’t have met the many, many friends among you along the way.

Without each of you, the members of MPPA, I wouldn’t be the person, or the photographer, that I am today. Thank you for shaping my path.

This year, I encourage all of you to make new friends and connections. BE that stepping stone for someone new to the MPPA. And don’t miss YOUR stepping stones and turns in the path that will lead you to the future you. Step out of your comfort zone and volunteer your time on a Committee. The MPPA needs all of you.

Be inspired and be the inspiration. Make this the year, to make a difference.

Your President & friend,

Crystal Reynolds
MPPA President 2016-2017

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