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International Photographic Competition (IPC) CONGRATULATIONS!!

August 17, 2016 2:36 PM | Crystal Reynolds

Congratulations to all who ventured forth and entered the 2016 International Photographic Competition. The following is a list of Maine PPA members that were accepted into the General and Loan collections, garnering one Merit for Photographs accepted in the General Collection and two Merits for those added to the Loan Collection.

Akers, Robert           Adams Family Moment     – G

Boucher, Felice        Freshly Cut Orchid      – L

Boucher, Felice        Ode to Degas      – L

Boucher, Felice         Pride      – L

Boucher, Felice         The Quiet Girl     – L

Caron, Russell           The First Dance     – G

DelVecchio, Lauren        Flora Fauna     – G ,

DelVecchio, Lauren             Lemon Tart        – L

DelVecchio, Lauren            Temptress          _-L

DelVecchio, Lauren              Viper                  – G

Giasson, Brenda        Al Capones Cell       – G

Giasson, Brenda         Path of Enchantment   – G

Giasson, Brenda          Working Girl    – G

Lee, Joanne                  A Wrinkle In Time    – G

Lee, Joanne                  Cheeky Boy    – G

Lee, Joanne                   New Perspective     – G

Lee, Joanne                  The Plague Doctor      – G

Logan, Trish                 Precision in Purple      – L

Walker, Jim                  Breakfast for the Kids      – G

The complete list can be seen at:

Our sincerest apologies if we inadvertently omitted anyone. 

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