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A Conversation about the MPPA Convention

February 05, 2015 11:38 AM | Crystal Reynolds

A Conversation about the Maine Photographic Exposition and Convention with photographer, Debra Bell.

1. Why should professional photographers attend the Maine Photographic Convention and Expo?

I attended my first conference last year and learned so much about what I do, how to do it, and started to make contacts with other photographers within the state. From the program speakers, print competition, and visiting with other Maine photographers, I not only boosted my business and photographic self-esteem, but I came home re-energized to be a better photographer.

2. What is something you took away from attending your first convention?

I loved Bruce Berg’s presentation on senior portrait ideas and marketing. I also took away from the conference how invested Maine photographers are in each other. Everyone was so friendly that it was hard to feel left out or uncomfortable.

3. Did you make any connections as a result of coming to convention?

I met several other photographers in person who I’m developing a business relationship with. I love being able to refer people I trust and enjoy industry events like MPPA’s conference.

4. Your best take away from convention?

That this organization holds up to its name. It’s a professional (and fun) organization that truly has the interests of its members and guests at heart. Come to learn, but come more for the fellowship.

Debra Bell is owner and operator of Bell Imaging & Design, LLC, a photography and graphic design business in Hermon, Maine. She also owns Bell’s Furry Friends Photography, a photography division that specializes in capturing the bond between pets and their people. Bell offers general photography services along with graphic design and content writing services. Bell Imaging & Design, LLC is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2015. Check out her work at and

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