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January 15, 2017 7:50 PM | Crystal Reynolds

Interested in bringing a ‘little something sexy’ to your photography business or have an existing boudoir line you’d like to ramp up? Boudoir photography has become more main stream as portrait businesses have expanded to offer their clients this type of experience.

With an emphasis on posing and lighting to flatter women of all ages, shapes and sizes attendees will be able to see different size models side by side in a variety of positions that will showcase simple movements to insure comfort and confidence. You’ll learn how to work with all types of lighting sources and how to use different types of furniture to create poses that give variety to the session.

You’ll learn how to balance a family friendly business with the Art of Boudoir, how to place appropriate value on what you offer, how to market this exciting photography trend, how to create unique product lines and what sales techniques can be used to make them successful. You’ll learn how to communicate with your clients insuring a wonderful experience and what poses will make any woman feel comfortable while using a variety of lighting techniques during the hands-on session. This class will give you the knowledge, tools and confidence you’ll need to provide an experience your clients won’t be able to stop talking about.

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